Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ugly Stepsisters

This year all Lytton street school is apart of a Panto Pandomonium. Lytton street school have been put into groups of Dwarves, Ugly stepsisters, witches and Baddies. We have been practising in our groups for a while now. We have made up dances for the pantomime. each group has a song. can't wait have a great time at the pantomime. WE ARE SO UGLY

From Caleb and Campbell 


In the pantomime we are the baddies!! In the pantomime we have to do a 1 minute dance to Michael Jackson we also have to sing to master plan. We are close to the last act on stage. come to the pantomime and have giant laugh.

By Ethan and Joshua.


Lytton Street School have been practising  dances for a Pantomime.  Lachlann and Jack are in the Dwarves. The dwarves have to go to room 13 to practice there dance. Every group has 1minute to do their little dance to do with their characters. The dwarves have to dance to a cowboy song  YEEHOW.

From Lachlann and Jack.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Room 15 2013 

For two weeks we have been practicing for our panto pandemonium. Everyone in the school is involved in the pantomime. We have a lot of different groups such as witches, fairies, baddies, dwarf and giants. In five weeks we are going to perform our show. We still have a lot of hard work to do on our groups. We have main parts and the other people are only on for a minute.

By Meagan

                                               THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF
This term Room 15 read all about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. First Room 15 read the story. And then Room 15 wrote about it. After that Mrs Trembath called Room 15 down and we disscused what we were going to do next. Next we looked  at a book with background and then Room 15 got a piece of paper to practise on. Next Room 15 dyed our background. When our backgrounds were finished, we drew our details with crayon.

 by Ethan and Caleb.

Room 15 2013 
All the qualities of  our amazing teacher: Mrs Trembath!!(;

Name:Colleen Trembath

Age:21!!! (She thinks)

Favourite colour:Blue

Favourite food:Chicken

Favourite movie:Sound of Music

Favourite book:The BFG

How long your've been at LSS:A long time

Family:Mr.T at F.I.S
            Dean in Auckland
             Tracy & Two "Grandies"
              Khloe & Peyton
By Isaiah,Brock & Kaleb 

Room 15 2013 Room 15 and the school have been learning about fairy tales. So far we have read The Three  Billy Goats Gruff and now working on Jack and the Beanstalk. Mrs Trembath has welcomed two new members in Room 15:Malakai and Dhalia. Malakai has come all the way from Dunedin and Dhalia has come not far from Pahiatua. Back to the fairy tales we are also doing a pantomime some people may not know what a pantomime is?it is a movie that you perform and make your own little differences into it.Also Mrs  Trembath is been the best teacher ever Room 15 thinks she is the best teacher in the whole wide world.

By Dhalia

Room15 our awesome teacher
Fav place: home
Fav food: chicken
Fav people: family
Fav book: BFG
Fav movie:Sound of Music

This term all of Lytton Street School will be taking part in a pantomime.
There are groups of characters Baddies, Dwarfs, Witches, and Ugly Step sisters.
Ever group has 1 minute to go on stage and dance. Every Tuesday we practise  our dances.
Some children have main parts and singing parts.
The pantomime is going to be very funny and very exciting to see other people perform.

by Lachlann and Joshua                                                                                  

Room 15 2013
Well we thought it was about time that Room 15 started to put things on their blog. We haven't been very organised this year.

Watch this space for exciting developments in Room 15!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Young Cyclist

 Laura and Jack were chosen to represent  Lytton Street School
in the Feilding Young Cyclist competition. This was held at the Feilding Fire station. In this competition they had to do a written test and a physical bike riding test. Laura  won overall in the girls category. Constable Hayden presented Laura the shield and a cheque for our school. She also won money for herself and lots of other prizes

Now Laura will be representing The Manawatu
this Friday. She will be biking 3 kilometers around Palmerston North
 and doing another written test.
We wish her good luck!

Making Recycled Paper

Room 15 is making recycled paper.
These are the 9 easy tips
  •First rip up paper into post stamp size.
  •Next put it in a bucket/tub. Add hot water.
  •Leave to soak over night then blend it with a blender.
  •When finished put it in the bucket/tub. Put cold water into the bucket.
  • Then make your sandwich and then put it on a board.
  •Then get the tub and then dip it in from the bottom and leave till water drains out.
  • After that flip it on to a board and leave the small drain on. Get a sponge to flatten it and to get all the water out.
  • Next put it somewhere to dry over night.
  • Now you are done.
Here are some photos to show you what we did.

By Jorja and Quentin

Thursday, November 22, 2012

room6 buddy reading

This is room15 with their cute little buddies.Every Tuesday room15 go to the library to get picture books for their buddies.Every Thursday room15 read their books to their buddies.Here's Jasmine and Sarah reading to their little buddies.Then when buddy readings over we say goodbye to our buddies.

by shae and regan 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mary Kippenburger Comes To LSS

Mary Kippenburger was very nice and told a story and everyone was laughing and enjoying the story very much. She and Jenny talked about the holiday reading programme.

Friday, November 2, 2012

north street school band


North street school band came to our school on 2 of November to show us there amazing skills they have learnt this year. They introduced us to who was singing  who was on bass guait and  drum and who was on piano. There were 2 bands that played and played about 3 songs.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Softball Braves

Here is the L.S.S Braves softball team for 2012. On the first game they had a bye, and the second game no one kept a tally for the total score.
The team is coached by Piper's dad.
Practices are Thursday after school and games Tuesday after school at Victoria Park.

Science in Room 15

This is one of the science groups ripping
This tree can be made into paper

Room 15 have been experimenting with paper as part of science.We have all been put in 7 groups of 4 for this experiment to find the qualities of paper. The  different types of exploring we have done are: shining a light onto the paper to see how much light was let through,
 dripping dye to see which paper soaked in the most dye
 folding to see how much spring the paper had,
 ripping to test which paper ripped the easiest,
 testing the grain by ripping and looking at the fibres with a magnifying glass,

When we have finished  all of the  experiments we will be making our own paper which we will then use for making our year 6 invitations.

By Kiana And Olivia

Speech Finals

Piper and Danielle 

These two girls have worked their way up to the Feilding Lions Club speech finals. The topic they had to write about was "Imagine If......"

Piper wrote her speech on "Imagine a world without chocolate"and Danielle's topic was "Imagine if anything you said came true" 

Their wonderful speeches got Piper 1st and Danielle 2nd in the Lytton Street School speech contest.

We wish them best of luck when they head to the Lions Club on Monday 5th of November for the Feilding Schools Speech competition.

                                                   By Jasmine,Gaby and Evie 


Art with Year 5s by Nakayla and Sarah

Year 5 Art

While the Year 6s are practicing there social  dance the year 5's have been doing art.
We are looking at a New Zealand artist called Randal Leach. He is a  famous artist. He put lots of detail into his art such as kowhaiwhai and koru patterns.We have been practicing to draw our own kowhaiwhai and koru patterns. We also have been reading some Maori legends from our library corner to figure out some more patterns we can use.The first drawing we have done is something that we chose to draw such as a koru pattern love heart The second picture we drew had to be a scene with land, water, sky and the sun and we tried to include some patterns  / designs  that tie in with nature.

Keep looking at our blog for progress with our artwork.

Room 15's Game by Tom, Quentin and Tommy

In Room 15 we have been playing a game that we have just learnt. We don't know the name yet but we will tell you about the game and how to play....

First make 2 teams, a fielding team and a throwing team. Once you've divided into 2 teams, decide who is throwing and who's fielding. Then you need to have 3 lines to run to (the netball court would be best)
When you throw you go to each line, you can stop at the lines but not when you are coming back. You have to go the whole way. You can have more than 1 person on a line and can't over lap someone. And when you throw you can't do under arm. The way to get out is if you catch it on the full and if you throw it straight  out of bounds without it touching the ground.  If you get tagged, you also get out. You can't run with the ball.

From this game we are learning throwing skills, team work and it has similar skills to baseball and tee ball.


Click the wordle to see whole size view

Softball Chiefs

This is the L.S.S Chiefs softball team for 2012. They have played twice and won both games. The first game they played and won 17-2  and our second game was 20-19.
Practices are after school on Thursday and games Tuesday after school at Victoria Park.

Inter School Cross Country

This  is a Wordle about Inter school Cross Country.
By Charlotte & Brianna

Click on the Wordle to see the full sized image.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Here is an Animoto video that we made about Run Jump Throw

By Charlotte and Laura

Friday, June 29, 2012

Prep Adventure

Just Creative

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Young Leaders Day

On Tuesday the 29th of May me and the other house captains went to a Young Leaders Day in Palmerston North at  the Regent.

There were 5 speakers that talked about what had happened in their life that was a big thing  to them. The 5 speakers names were Nick Tuitasi, Dr Farah Palmer, Cam Calkoen, Jamie Fitzgerald and Dave Atkinson and a special and famous singer Annah Mac came and talked as well.

One of my favorite speakers was and still is Cam Calkoen because even though he had cerebral palsy he kept on going with what he wanted to do even though he was teased. That is why he is my favourite speaker.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet Treat's Advertisement

Sweet Treat have been working on our advertisement for our company. Sophy (our accountant) has designed the fudge delivery advertisement. We have put them up on a window of room 15 and on one of the library windows.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soccer with paddy

                                          Keeping control of the ball.

 we had to run to the orange cone then we had to do the scissor through the  cone and run backwards into a line.

                                                                    Dancing on the ball. 

Relays with the ball.